Classical Realism Portraits


I ponder. I innovate. I design.  I create.

Ernie says, "I don't just paint a  picture. I portray a person."  Ernie loves to share the experience portrait painting is. To Ernie, nothing compares to the joy and the excitement of  parents at the presentation of a finished portrait. I make it very reasonable to have a cherished portrait of a loved one in the home.


Ernie has over 30 years of experience in painting. He has taken art courses for credit at Bevill State Communty College, Wallace State Community College, UAB and Athens State. Communty classes and workshops have provided an early introduction in painting and drawing. Academic drawing provides the avenue for building his skill level. He paints  with water color, colored pencil and pencil but his primary focus is acrylic. Abstract paintings are also available for offices and workspaces and homes.

Ernie is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and has served in associational missions for 40 years and is presently living in Oneonta, Alabama. Erne us also an Iraq War Veteran having served in 2004 and 2005 as a Chaplain.